Internet Lease Line

Internet Lease Line

Our Internet lease line is a private secure access to the internet. It provides you excellent network in remote areas 24*7. It also gives you data backup service.

Internet lease line is the premium internet connectivity product from our broadcast service to you with symmetrical speed. It can be easily operated in congested areas or for a small business purpose to reduce the loss of connectivity or cut in fiber wires.

What we do

Internet leased line provides guaranteed benefits to you and your company with the best internet access. Our network is ideal for all companies at high speed. Delivered over fiber wire due to which you get symmetrical speed with full duplex.

The fee of the connection is a fixed monthly fee. RSG Smart Network services lease line plan is started from 7000/ per month and other primary factors affecting the monthly fee. Our connection doesn’t carry anybody else’s communications, being solely dedicated to you.

RSG Smart Network internet services are ideal for all the business and companies. Our network is ideal for carrying data and data security, voice and internet traffic. Our network is fully supported by SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Our Product Features:

  • Highly secured.
  • Easily operate in remote areas.
  • Multiple options
  • 24*7 services
  • Easy to manage and monitor
  • Dedicated public IPS
  • Connectivity for all networks