Point to Point

Point To Point

Our point to point series network is the fastest network can be easily used easily in congested areas. Also, it helps to save the money on expensive leased line system. We provide you with blistering speed and ensure our network is the fastest network among all others. Point to point network is best in class with approved security by the government which can be easily accessed in both licensed and unlicensed frequencies.


Point to point connections basically refers to a communication connection of two endpoints. RSG Smart Network Data’s wireless network connection can link two locations at one time. It provides a separate connection channel to each pair of the computer. It is the first wireless network with specialized features. With the help of supporting family of customers and best outdoor wireless network, we are one of the best and successful broadband companies.

  • Building to build a connection.
  • Leased line replacement
  • Fiber wiring
  • Provide high speed in congested areas

Point to point help to save the cost of the expensive leased line and provide you with speed up to 300 Mbps in 40 MHz channel with the frequency of 4.9-5.9 GHz. PTP network is a secure network so there is no worry about data leak. You can easily check how your network is performing with the help of a PTP network and it manages website traffic and gives you various local benefit in the large area.

After all the benefits we give you, we would still like you to see and experience them for yourself. Like all of our customers, you’ll be delighted to have contacted us for our services at the best possible prices at the moment.